London Area

Both Dacre and Hans have visited London many times, though not always with the express purpose of studying Dracula-related locations. In 1981, Hans lived in London-Islington at Marlborough Road for three months near the Archway Underground Station in walking distance from Highgate Cemetery.

The London area, including Hampstead in the North-East, Purfleet in the West and Godalming in the South, is the stage of the novel's third major section. The Count has additional support points in Piccadilly, in Walworth and Whitechapel, where the infamous Ripper murders took place. Our Travel Guide will discuss all places mentioned in the novel, based on the latest theories and original research, including, among others, the true model for the Count's Carfax estate and the encoded identity of Dr. Vincent of the fictitious "North Hospital".

In April 2012 before attending the Stoker Centenary Conference, Hans explored the Hampstead and Whitechapel districts with photo camera in hand, took pictures at Piccadilly and Chatham Street, and made a day trip to Hendon, featured as "Kingstead" in the Dracula novel.

London not only is the backdrop of many chapters from Dracula, but also the city where Bram, Florence and their son Noel lived for most of their lives. For decades, Bram acted as the manager of the Lyceum Theatre, run by the renowned actor Henry Irving. Based on materials from the Stoker family archive, Dacre will portray the places which shaped Bram Stoker's everyday life in London. 

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