Samuel-von-Brukenthal Gymnasium, Sibiu.

The Samuel-von-Brukenthal Gymnasium (Grammar School) is the oldest and most prestigious German school in Romania. Located in the historical district of Sibiu, it attracts German- and Romanian-speaking pupils alike. It is the only school in Romania which directly qualifies for an admission to German universities. In return, School Director Gerold Hermann expects his approximately 1,000 pupils to be constructive and motivated.

Our cooperation with the school started in Munich, while Hans co-tutored a "Vampire Seminar" at the Munich Edith-Stein-Gymnasium. For a whole year, an 11th-grade girls' class dealt with the role of vampires in novels and movies. During the Easter Holidays in 2013, this group traveled to Transylvania, to join with a similar class from the Sibiu school. Together, we visited Sighişoara, Bistritz, the Borgo Pass and the ASTRA Open Air Museum in Sibiu. At the Hotel Castel Dracula, Hans organised a walking trip in the direction of the Căliman mountains; the next day, a theoretical seminar explained the conclusions from his research.

In November 2013, we collaborated with the Samuel-von-Brukenthal Gymnasium again, by giving a "Dracula lesson" to one of the classes. We enjoyed the keen interest of pupils and teachers and welcome future cooperation with this and other schools in Romania. We have plenty of materials to fill some interesting hours about vampires and  Dracula, as well as the history and the geography of places related to the novel.

Vampire Seminar at Hotel Castel Dracula with Munich and Sibiu school classes.