Partners in Dublin

During our trip to Dublin in March 2014, we experienced a most pleasant cooperation with the Bram Stoker Club, a student group within Trinity College's Philosophical Society, and the English School of Trinity College, Prof. Jarlath Killeen. Together, we hope to organise a global congress of the Transylvanian Sciety of Dracula in Dublin in Fall 2015. 

Other people to whom we are greatly indebted are Valeria Cavalli, wo made a "quick walk" through Dublin's center with us, Stoker family member Douglas Appleyard, who showed us around in Bram's birthplace Clontarf, and Brian J. Showers of the Bram Stoker Society Journal, who discussed the planned Dublin section of our Travel Guide with us. Further good friends are sculptress Beatrice Stewart, who made several busts showing Bram (one is on display in the Clontarf Public Library, another one is shown in St. Anne's Church), and visual artist Damian Byrne, who created a painted portait of Bram.

See the photo gallery of our March 2014 trip to Dublin and the Bram Stoker Memorial Event.

Stoker family members during the Bram Stoker Memorial Event, March 2014.