Hotel Castel Dracula

This eccentric hotel in the Borgo Pass was built in 1983, during Communist times, when the authorities still disapproved of linking touristic venues to Bram Stoker's vampire novel. For this reason, its original name was "Castel Tihuţa" or "Tihuţa Motel", after "Pasul Tihuţa", the Romanian name for the Borgo Pass. The comfortable three-star hotel is managed by the same company that erected the Coroana de Aur hotel in Bistritz, to cater for tourists wishing to follow in Jonathan Harker's footsteps.

The Hotel Castel Dracula indeed is the ideal starting point for reconstructing the young lawyer's route to the fictitious Castle Dracula, approximately 30 km south-east of Piatra Fântânele. Just a few steps from its entrance, a primitive road leads to Dornişoara and from there in the direction of the Căliman caldera, where Stoker imagined the Count's sinister residence to be located. In August 2013, Director and staff were most helpful in organising a mountain bike excursion along this trail. Already in April 2013, a seminar dealing with the true location of Castle Dracula took place in the hotel's conference rooms, attended by pupils of the Edith-Stein-Gymnasium, Munich, and the Samuel-von-Brukenthal-Gymnasium, Sibiu.

Moreover, the hotel organises Halloween parties, theatre performances, concerts, bonfires and other events related to horror and vampire lore. We highly value its unique location, excellent service and our friendly communication with its Director, Ana-Maria Buscar. Therefore, Hotel Castel Dracula is an important partner in our Travel Guide project.

In front of the hotel: Starting a biking tour along the Dorna River, with Sandi, August 2013.