Academic journals

In the discussion about the the Dracula novel, academic journals and internet platforms specialising in gothic and horror literature play an important role: is an internet platform offering source texts of Bram Stoker's writings, as well as biographical information, pictures and an online bookstore. It was created by Paul McAlduff, an English teacher and author of The Publication of Dracula, published in the Journal of Dracula Studies (see below) Nr. 14 (2012). He is currently living in Kwangju, South Korea. See also Paul's Facebook page.

Journals of Dracula Studies: This online journal is specialised on questions relating to the Dracula novel, but also extensively deals with other vampire fiction. The JDS is hosted by Prof. Elizabeth Miller's Blooferland website; articles can be downloaded as .rtf text files. New issues appear once per year. The Journal of Dracula Studies is an authorative source for serious Dracula research essays. It is edited by Curt Herr and Anne De Long of Kutztown University, Pennsylvania.

The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Stories: Again, the name is self-explaining. Bram Stoker and his fellow-Dubliner Joseph Sheridan le Fanu are just the best-known of a series of Irish authors who helped shape gothic literature in the 19th century. But the Irish Journal also pays a good deal of attention to non-Irish writers and to modern media like film and televison. It was created in October 2006 by Elizabeth McCarthy and Bernice M. Murphy, both of Trinity College Dublin. In September 2012, Dara Downey (University College Dublin) and Jenny McDonnell (Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire) took over as editors and shaped the Summer 2013 issue. Like the JDS, the Irish Journal appears on an annual basis.

Journal of Gothic Studies: This journal is issued by the International Gothic Association since 1999. It presents a mixture of general issues and guest-edited specials. Gothic Studies also includes a regular reviews feature, occasional interviews with significant figures in Gothic, calls for papers and conference announcements. The journal currently appears on a bi-annual basis, in May and November. Chief editor is William Hughes, Bath Spa University, UK.