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Dublin Whitby Lit & Phil Dracula Society, London Hotel Castel Dracula, Borgo Pass Mihai Eminescu Trust, Sighisoara Bran Castle Trans. Soc. of Dracula, Bucharest

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Our idea is that this Travel Guide should be more than just a book - we would like it to be a living network with local "anchors" in the places we describe. 

Partners can be organisations or enterprises engaging in serious Dracula research, guiding visitors to interesting locations, hosting guests or exhibitions, or organising special Dracula-related events, or a combination of these.

With each of our partners, we engage in intensive discussions about our findings, trying to reach a consensus about the delicate balance of fact, myth and fiction. By following the links to their online platforms, our readers will be informed about upcoming exhibitions, festivals, tours, conferences, etc.