Partners in Romania

Two of the "mystery" locations described in our planned Guide Book, Castle Dracula and the Scholomance, are located on empty mountain tops in protected natural parks. For the truly dedicated Dracula fan, we show how to get there and how to prepare for such trips. For many of our potential readers, though, such excursions may be too ambitious. Moreover, these natural parks are not laid out for receiving large numbers of tourists. Therefore, we chose to cooperate with local partners like the Transylvanian Society of Dracula in Bucharest, Hotel Castel Dracula in the Borgo Pass, Hotel Transilvania in Cluj and Bran Castle near Braşov. Moreover, we cooperate with the Mihai Eminescu Trust in Sighişoara and the Associatia Tăşuleasa Social in the Borgo Pass. We hope that together, we can develop and support sustainable forms of tourism which respect the traditional landscapes of Romania.

Since sharing a rent car, considering the total amount of your trip's CO2 footprint, often poses a sensible alternative to train traveling, we also teamed up with Autonom Rent-a-Car S.A., where we always enjoyed a reliable, personal service. For our readers, Autonom offers a 5% discount on all car hires.

Last but not least, the Samuel-von-Brukenthal Gymnasium in Sibiu offered us an opportunity to tutor an 11th-grade schoolclass during a trip to the Borgo Pass and to give "Dracula Lessons" :-)

Click the images for more information about our partners:

 Transylvanian Society
of Dracula, Bucharest

Hotel Castel Dracula, Borgo Pass

Tăşuleasa Social, Piatra Fântânele

Mihai Eminescu Trust, Sighişoara

 Hotel Transilvania in Cluj

Bran Castle, near Braşov

Autonom S.A.

Samuel-von-Brukenthal Gymnasium, Sibiu